The Retirement Home Eden is a facility that also offers short-term stays, for older people who are looking for attractive, yet peaceful place to get a rest in the mountains.

We offer elegant double and triple rooms. Each room has its own bathroom and it is equipped with TV and Internet access. Our guests can fully use the common space in our facility, i.e. a chapel, a library, a fireplace room, a rehabilitation and massage room, a beauty parlour, and a salt cave that will soon be opened. Our whole facility is dedicated for seniors, that is why our guests can enjoy the company of other people their age, silence and peacefulness, and, if needed, help from our medical staff. Our building is adapted for disabled people, that is why we can host people on wheelchairs or those using walking frames.


Our facility is located in the south of Poland in Maniowy (about 20 km from Nowy Targ, 40 km from Zakopane). Maniowy is a very attractive place, since it is situated by the Czorsztyn Lake, surrounded by the mountain range of Gorce, with a magnificent view on Tatras. The facility is located in the center of the village across from a church, in the close vicinity of a pharmacy, bank and shopping center. Everyone who wants can go on walks to the forest, by the lake or a cycling route. In the immediate neighbourhood there are famous tourist attractions, such as Czorsztyn and Niedzica Castles, a church in Dębno (registered with UNESCO), rafting on the Dunajec river, as well as health resorts, incl. Krościenko nad Dunajcem and Szczawnica..



the Czorsztyn Lake (about 1 km) – the possibilty to go fishing, to rent swimming equipment, to swim or to go on a sightseeing cruise
a walking/cycling route (about 1 km) – goes along the Czorsztyn Lake; in the summer it is a cycling route and in the winter a cross-country slope
the marina in Mizerna (about 3 km)
Czorsztyn-ski in Kluszkowce (about 4 km) – a ski resort that offers numerous walking areas in the summer, as well as going to the top of the Wdżar mountain by chairlift
the open-air museum Stylcheń – a complex of historical buildings that were moved from places flooded by Czorsztyn Dam
the historical church in Dębno (about 5 km)
the ruins of the Czosztyn castle (about 6 km)
Pieniński National Park (about 6 km)
a border crossing with Slovakia (about 12 km)
rafting at Dunajec river (about 14 km)
the castle, dam and Miniature Park in Niedzica (about 16 km)
Krościenko nad Dunajcem (about 14 km)
Szczawnica (about 20 km)
Zakopane (about 40 km)

Contact details

ul. Jana Pawła II 12, 34-436 Maniowy
0048 18 264 12 10 (POLAND)
0048 692 999 103 (POLAND)
0019 734 648 592 (USA)

Company details

GRECZEK Jadwiga Dębska,
Franciszek Łapszyński s.c.
ul. Jana Pawła II 12
34-436 Maniowy
NIP: 735-287-82-54