The retirement home Eden is a place created out of the kindness of the heart for older people who, due to various reasons, need care and assistance in daily living activities.

Our facility was prepared with the greatest attention to comfort and high standard of living for our residents. We are a private facility of a caring nature that relies on high standard of services. We operate in accordance with a licence issued by the Governor of the Malopolska Region allowing us to run a facility which provides 24 hour care to persons who are disabled, chronically ill or elderly. 

We offer a short-term, as well as permanent residency. We also offer rehabilitation treatments for people who, after having been ill or after a stay in a hospital, need help to regain their health and physical fitness. The retirement home Eden is a private facility, therefore waiting times are usually relatively short.


Our facility is located in the south of Poland in Maniowy (about 20 km from Nowy Targ, 40 km from Zakopane). Maniowy is a very attractive place, since it is situated by the Czorsztyn Lake, surrounded by the mountain range of Gorce, with a magnificent view to the Tatras. The facility is located in the centre of the village across from a church, in the close vicinity of a pharmacy, bank and shopping centre. Everyone who wants, can go on walks to the forest and by the lake, or there is a cycling route. In the immediate neighbourhood there are famous tourist attractions, such as Czorsztyn and Niedzica Castles, a church in Dębno (registered with UNESCO), rafting on the Dunajec river, as well as health resorts, including Krościenko nad Dunajcem and Szczawnica.



The retirement home Eden is a facility of high standard, designed for the convenience of the residents. We have suites, as well and single, double and triple rooms. Each of them is equipped with a bathroom adequate for the elderly, TV and Internet access. Some rooms have terraces and balconies with leisure furniture. For those in wheelchairs, we provide access to specially designed bathrooms. To provide the sense of security to our residents, we have a call system in our facility. Owing to this solution, every resident can call people that take care of them. A modern elevator and the lack of architectural barriers make it easier to move around the facility.

For our residents there are also available: a chapel with Holy Masses on a regular basis, a library with a rich collection of books, a music player and a corner with computer and Internet access. We try to activate senior citizens on an ongoing basis, that is why we offer a physiotherapy room, as well as a gym. Rehabilitation classes and exercises, which help to stay in good shape and and lift up the spirits, take place five days a week. In a beauty parlour you can use hairdresser and beautician services. A newly opened salt cave is perfect for everybody who want to take advantage of beneficial microclimate, close to that of the sea. Clean and highly ionized air has a great influence on respiratory system and fuctioning of the body. We invite you to our fireplace room to celebrate various occassions together, as well as concerts of children and grandchildren of our residents.

Thinking about the visitors, we have guest rooms where the whole family can spend as much time as possible with their relative.


the Retirement Home Eden provides a 24 hour care of the qualified staff: nurses, caregivers and basic medical care provided by a family doctor

we provide help in maintaining personal hygiene, we have a laundry and keep each room clean

depending on the needs, we also provide help in booking doctor’s appointments and accompany a resident if their family is not able to be present at the appointment

during the stay, we offer a transport using a specially designed car, in which it is possible to use a wheelchair



All our residents enjoy full board (3 meals a day plus snacks served between the meals) as well as unlimited cold and hot drinks. In our stylish cafeteria, we serve delicious, home-made lunches prepared using local ingredients together with preserves made in our facility. We buy local eggs and honey from the farmers. Our cooks adapt the menu to individual needs of seniors, considering a diet recommended by the doctor. We also serve meals to the rooms, if needed.

Contact details

ul. Jana Pawła II 12, 34-436 Maniowy
0048 18 264 12 10 (POLAND)
0048 692 999 103 (POLAND)
0019 734 648 592 (USA)

Company details

GRECZEK Jadwiga Dębska,
Franciszek Łapszyński s.c.
ul. Jana Pawła II 12
34-436 Maniowy
NIP: 735-287-82-54