We offer the following types of stays:

long-term stays, dedicated mainly to people who require permanent assistance with daily living activities, including chronically ill people and the bedridden

* from 3.000 PLN / a month

short-term stays, designed for the families of older people that take care of them on a daily basis but need a break to rest, go somewhere etc.

* from 150 PLN / a day

daily stays for people who cannot stay at home during the day because their family members work and cannot provide care for them

* from 100 PLN / a day (8am – 6pm)

rehabilitation treatments after having been ill or after the stay at a hospital that have consulted with our physiotherapists in order to provide the best effect of therapy

* prices are determimed individually, depending on the condition and therapy needs of a resident

In the price of stay there are included:

a 24 hour care from our nurses and a physiotherapist, as well as basic medical care provided by a family doctor.
full board adjusted to the doctor’s recommendations and the residents’ needs
help in maintaining personal hygiene, laundry service, keeping each room clean
pastoral care, regular Holy Masses, the possibility to take confession. Our chapel is available for residents 24 hours a day
daily physical therapy (Mon-Fri), adjusted to the needs of residents
activity classes, celebrations of each resident’s birthday
supply of medications (the costs are borne by the resident), special hygiene products (diapers, pads, etc.; we help to get a refundation from NFZ (National Health Fund)), cosmetics and other necessary items
hairdresser’s services once a month
help in booking doctor’s appointments
accompanying and transport to planned doctor’s appointments using a specially designed car that allows the use of a wheelchair (this service is for people whose relatives live abroad and cannot accompany them)
a possibility to use a newly opened salt cave that is in our facility

Contact details

ul. Jana Pawła II 12, 34-436 Maniowy
0048 18 264 12 10 (POLAND)
0048 692 999 103 (POLAND)
0019 734 648 592 (USA)

Company details

GRECZEK Jadwiga Dębska,
Franciszek Łapszyński s.c.
ul. Jana Pawła II 12
34-436 Maniowy
NIP: 735-287-82-54